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A deck can be a perfect place to relax in your backyard with friends and family after a long day of work. That’s why decks are important structures for both homes and businesses in Summerville SC.

Property owners now want decks that look good and will remain strong over time. As one of the best deck builders Summerville SC has to offer, we know exactly how to build decks that will last while adding value to your home. Our deck construction expertise is known and respected among local residents and we even get calls from nearby Summerville SC towns to help with decks in those areas too.

Whether you’re building an elaborate multi-level deck or just replacing the traditional porch on your Mount Pleasant, Goose Creek, Charleston, or Summerville, SC house, decks must be built correctly or they can easily fall apart within a few years after their construction. The key to building safe and durable decks lies in using quality boards to construct them. This is why you’ll need the services of experienced Summerville, South Carolina pros who know how to handle your project properly.

One of the first things you can do is make a list of decks you like. Maybe you prefer decks with roofs, decks without roofs, decks which are raised off the ground, decks that stretch out with an eye-catching view; or anything else that your heart desires! You can visit our local office, call, or email us right now to request a free estimate.


At Charleston Deck Crafters, we’re more than just craftsmen; we’re creators of outdoor havens.

Quality Residential And Commercial Decks Summerville SC Residents Can Trust

What if my deck is old or worn out? Your deck might need replacement if it has seen better days. However, it’s not usually necessary to replace an older deck entirely because many decks can be repaired rather than replaced. This could save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for property owners who don’t want to invest in a full deck replacement.

If you have a Charleston, SC deck that has signs of wear, such as splitting or warping boards, broken railings or decaying stairs it’s likely time to call for a repair estimate from a professional deck builder. Don’t wait too long because if these problems go uncorrected they could become worse and more expensive to fix later on. If your Summerville or Charleston, SC deck is looking shabby but is structurally sound then it might just need some fresh paint or a new color addition along with stain coating. This will improve its appearance without costing too much money.

However, if it looks like extensive structural damage has occurred you’ll need to have a professional assess the situation so they can provide an accurate repair cost estimate.

What are the standard Summerville SC deck building requirements? Would you like decks within your home but don’t know what to do or where to start? We can imagine it’s a challenge especially if you’re a deck building newbie.

Since most North Charleston, South Carolina decks are built around the exterior of your property, it is best to check with the most common decks Summerville SC residents have.